Adapting Talent Acquisition Strategies: Navigating the Changing Landscape and Candidate Expectations with Lynn Kealey

February 6, 2024

In this wide-ranging conversation, Lynn Kealey, a highly experienced global talent acquisition leader in the pharmaceutical industry, discusses her early career in recruitment, the impact of the economic environment on talent acquisition, and the opportunities of attracting and retaining Generation Z. Lynn also explores the use of technology and AI in recruitment and emphasizes the importance of candidate experience. Overall, the conversation highlights the dynamic nature of talent acquisition and the need for TA leaders to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and candidate expectations.


  • The economic environment continues to have a significant impact on talent acquisition, with shifts in demand for different skill sets and the need for organisations to have a long-term talent strategy.
  • Attracting and retaining Generation Z requires organisations to align with their values, such as providing work-life balance, strong purpose and career development opportunities.
  • Technology and AI can enhance recruitment processes by automating administrative tasks and improving efficiency, but the human element and candidate experience remain crucial.
  • TA leaders need to understand the business strategy, collaborate with stakeholders, and use data and market insights to guide effective talent acquisition strategies.
  • Candidate experience should be a priority with a focus on authentic employer branding, streamlined application processes, and continuous engagement throughout the recruitment journey.

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Talent Acquisition
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