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Preparing Your Organisation for Tomorrow’s Demands

Our team have led Talent Acquisition teams, we understand the critical role they play in finding the right people to grow your business. Recruitment is a dynamic, constantly evolving specialism that demands effective collaboration with stakeholders, data proficiency, enthusiasm for new technology and the ability operate with maximum efficiency.

Online Learning platform

To build the future skills and capability of TA teams, Vector has partnered with Talent Sandbox to  provide recruitment expertise through an online learning platform.

This scalable approach enables you to deliver skill development and performance improvement across the entire TA team. This platform offers learners access to bite-sized learning modules and a wealth of resources covering recruitment essentials through to advanced topics such as sourcing, data analytics and technology. Importantly, by leveraging this platform, your organisation will reduce its reliance on external agencies as we guide you towards establishing a sustainable approach to talent acquisition.

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Reduce reliance on external agencies, establishing a sustainable approach to talent acquisition.

Builds the capability of your TA team, focusing on the specific needed skills needed to move fast and hire well.

Easy to scale learning across teams and locations.

Added value for Vector customers, to solve a critical business issue.

Supports learning that’s aligned to a consistent, gold standard of hiring practice.

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What Our Clients Say
"They quickly pinpoint areas of strength as well as areas where we needed to focus on building capabilities within our talent acquisition team. Investing this time and thought into the future of our business and the role of talent acquisition proved to be incredibly impactful and actionable."

SVP, Global Talent Acquisition

”We found this training to be beneficial in our alignment of TA across the globe. It provides practical real-world tips and tricks, while taking an interactive and engaging approach”

Christina Tocado

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