Talent is pivotal to accelerating innovation. Leveraging our deep market insights, expansive network, and recruitment expertise, we empower you to assemble the teams essential for nurturing ideas, achieving business objectives, and propelling your organisation to unprecedented success.


Tailored strategies and a precision approach to recruit the talent you need.

We deliver the mission critical and leadership talent required to accelerate your science and build market-leading teams who impact your business today and in the future. We’ve been in your shoes. Our industry experience enables us to align ourselves with your goals immediately and our deep market understanding enables you to gain insight and guidance on industry talent and trends.

Cutting through the noise confidently and confidentially. Supporting you to hire the best people.

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Elevating the standard of executive hiring, we meticulously assess candidates ensuring a perfect fit for your organisation's unique culture and objectives.

Through comprehensive evaluations spanning skill assessments, personality profiling, and cultural alignment analyses. Whether you are a Private Equity firm or a CEO of an organisation, we evaluate each candidate and provide you with unparalleled insights to make informed hiring decisions with confidence.

We allow you to unlock the potential for transformative hires that drive your success, giving you the ability to hire from talent pools your competition aren’t.

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Scale your talent team seamlessly and rapidly on a fractional basis when you need it the most.

We train all our recruitment professionals to an industry gold standard, before deploying them into your business.

Experience an agile, efficient and externally managed solution that enhances your hiring quality and provides support to the existing team to result in continued high performance.

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Industry Focus

Vector enable Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Life Science, CRO and CDMO businesses to gain a competitive edge on talent.

We support our partners to build, develop and retain the high performing teams needed to improve patients’ lives and get their cutting-edge science to market faster.

Vector has established itself as a key player in the sector, serving as a trusted talent partner and influential thought leader. We produce high-quality content, research, and actively participate in industry-leading events.

With a team specifically tailored for the market, we have extensive experience working directly in the industry with some of the most successful global brands. This unique position allows Vector to bring together the best of in-house and external talent teams to our partners.

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Global Presence

We have built teams and organisations across the globe.

Our industry expertise is mirrored in our geographical networking and experience. We operate precisely where the Pharma, Biotech and Life Science industry does, continually networking and researching to ensure we provide value and truly specialist market understanding to every search.

We have recruited talent in over 30 countries, offering market insights and country-specific hiring strategies to our partners worldwide.

Our team’s strongest experience is; USA, Europe and APAC.

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We Can Match Your Tempo

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What Our Clients Say

"Vector have become a valuable partner"

"Vector have become a valuable partner and played a key part in our growth strategy. We worked together when we were a much smaller business, and they have grown with us, delivering a variety of talent mandates, from delivering difficult leadership searches and talent development. Vector come with an exceptional network and a deep understanding of how CDMO businesses work from within. They have been a key enabler for Bora over the years."

CEO and Chairman

Bora Pharmaceuticals