How to Develop a Talent Acquisition Strategy: From Matchmakers to Mentors with Sven Steinbach

May 30, 2023

Join the Talent Sandbox podcast for an eye-opening episode with Sven Steinebach, VP and Head of Global Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding at Evotec. Sven shares his incredible journey, from unexpected beginnings in recruitment to his current leadership role, offering valuable insights along the way. Discover how talent acquisition has transformed from a support function to a strategic enabler of business success. Sven emphasises the pivotal role of recruiters as matchmakers, influencers, and negotiators, enabling organisations to find and secure the right talent. Explore the power of mentorship as we uncover how experienced recruiters can guide and shape the careers of aspiring professionals, enabling them to thrive in the field. Uncover the potential of talent acquisition in driving organisational growth and shaping the future of work. Join us for this inspiring conversation with Sven, where we explore the essence of TA, from matchmaking to storytelling and mentoring. Tune in to the Talent Sandbox podcast and gain a fresh perspective that will enable you to drive success and empower your organisation.


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Talent Acquisition
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