Making Decisions On Facts Not Feelings with Will Crandle & Steve Bebbington

March 10, 2023

In this episode of the Talent Sandbox podcast, talking to Will Crandle and Steve Bebbington from Horsefly Analytics. As part of season 2, we've invited a select group of leading vendors who serve as talent acquisition functions across the globe to understand their development journey but also how they-re supporting the transformation of TA in organisations. Horsefly Analytics has been a pioneer in providing labour market insights since its establishment in 2011. Their expertise lies in powering workforce planning, recruitment, internal mobility, and succession planning with data-driven insights about talent. While using data to inform talent acquisition might seem commonplace today, it wasn't always the case. Horsefly Analytics dedicated significant effort during their early years to educate the market about the importance of data-driven talent acquisition.During our conversation, Will and Steve offer practical advice for TA leaders who are beginning to explore labour market insight technology and evaluate potential vendors. Here are their key tips:

1. Be clear about the specific problem you are trying to address. Without clarity, it's challenging to find the right solution.

2. Take the time to thoroughly understand the product and assess its fit for your unique use case. A poor fit leads to under-utilisation and a lack of return on investment.

3. Be cautious of vendors who prioritise making a sale over understanding your business and your specific needs. A reliable vendor will take the time to tailor their solution to your requirements.

In this discussion, we delve into the immense potential of leveraging labour market insights to inform total workforce planning and growth strategies. We explore topics such as setting up teams in the right locations and the cost implications involved. If you are interested in harnessing the power of labour market analytics to enhance your talent strategy, this episode is an absolute must-listen!

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