Making the Transition from Recruitment into Talent Acquisition with Callum Buxton at SOPHiA Genetics

November 27, 2023

In this episode, Neil is joined by Callum Buxton, lead partner for executive and critical hiring at SOPHiA Genetics. SOPHiA Genetics sits at the intersection between healthcare and technology, an AI platform that supplies data driven insights to the healthcare industry for the use in diagnostics and treatment around the world.Often people arrive in talent acquisition, not necessarily having sought a career in recruitment. Having spent his career in external agencies and consulting roles, Callum has made the transition in-house at SOPHiA Genetics, attracted by the impact of their work the organisation is undertaking.In an organisation that is directly affecting outcomes for cancer and rare diseases worldwide, the mission and purpose of SOPHiA Genetics has a fundamental role in attracting talent. Callum shares how they listen to the experiences of employees to bring to life the mission and culture of the organisation in their hiring activities. Having made the transition to an in-house role, Callum shares insight about the key differences he's seen and experienced, most significantly factoring in the needs of the hiring manager and the organisation. Aligning talent acquisition with the commercial strategy of the business requires a curiosity to fully understand the needs of stakeholders and the business. If you are interested in transitioning from a recruiter into talent acquisition, this is an insightful episode that lifts the lid on making a successful change.

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Marianne Gissane

Talent Acquisition
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