Maximising Talent Acquisition Success : Thriving with Limited Resources, with Alyssa Byczek

January 23, 2024

In this episode, we talk to Alyssa Byczek, Director, Global Talent Acquisition at Premier Research. Premier Research is a global clinical research, product development and consulting company that is dedicated to helping patients worldwide by transforming life-changing ideas and breakthrough science into new medical treatments. Alyssa shares her background in recruiting and the challenges faced in the industry. She emphasises the importance of balancing high delivery standards with lean resources and managing a team effectively. Alyssa also highlights the significance of creating a positive candidate experience and the role of empathy in recruitment. She discusses the need for talent acquisition professionals to stay agile and adapt to the changing industry landscape. Additionally, Alyssa explores the opportunities in talent acquisition, including the potential for remote work and the importance of skill-based hiring.


  • Balancing high delivery standards and lean resources is a challenge in talent acquisition.
  • Creating a positive candidate experience is crucial for building lasting relationships and attracting top talent.
  • Talent acquisition professionals need to stay agile and adapt to the changing industry landscape.
  • Opportunities in talent acquisition include remote work, skill-based hiring, and developing business acumen.

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Talent Acquisition
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