Recruiter Enablement: A New Dawn in Talent Acquisition with Barry Flack.

October 17, 2023

In this exciting episode of the Talent Sandbox podcast, our special guest is Barry Flack, a seasoned HR Executive and Talent Leader, who currently serves as an Advisor and Learning Instructor at Talent Sandbox.

Recruiting has become a highly complex task, with the unpredictability of external market events and fierce competition for talent. Barry believes that success lies not in planning for these events, but in building organisations that can withstand and thrive in any unforeseeable future. Barry challenges talent acquisition professionals to consider how they can evolve to address complexity and uncertainty. Topics discussed in this episode include:

- Adding value during a downturn

- Using data and talent intelligence for strategic workforce planning

- Understanding our internal market thoroughly

- Developing skills and capabilities in areas such as data analytics, marketing, and technology

- Embracing standards and standardization to work smarter, better, and faster

The conversation also delves into the concept of 'Recruiter Enablement,' a transformative approach in talent acquisition that fosters collective and collaborative power among recruiters. This shift from independent actions to an interconnected ecosystem raises standards and enhances productivity. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and perspectives on navigating the complexities of recruiting and embracing the power of Recruiter Enablement in your organisation.

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Marianne Gissane

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