Recruiter Enablement: Unlocking Success Through Purposeful Design with Adam Gordon

October 31, 2023

In this episode of the Talent Sandbox, we are excited to be joined by Adam Gordon, Co-founder of the newly launched Poetry HR, the recruiter enablement workspace.This fascinating discussion focuses on the evolving role of talent acquisition - its response to complex labour markets, changing consumer demands, job requirements of incoming generations, the impact of new technology and the importance of acting as a talent advisor to the C-suite. Adam shares his views on what TA leaders should be doing more of to create value for their organisations, including:

- Creating on-demand supply of talent when hiring teams need it through talent engagement and pipelines.

- Continuously monitoring and asking what is the right shape for my team?

- Thinking about resources as humans and machines. If it is humans, do they need to be employees, contractors or outsourced?

- Acting as talent advisors to senior leaders in the business, helping to shape the business from a people perspective and how this will need to evolve over time.

Having spent his career in an around the recruitment and recruitment technology space, Adam believes it is an important time for TA, having seen first-hand how the role of the recruiter is evolving. Recruiters must be able to act as -data analysts- (highly numerate, derive insights from numbers), -experience designers- (adopting a marketing mindset, what do we want people to think and do) and finally -tech managers- (analytical, tech-savvy with a great understanding of what is achievable).Yet, despite the rise in automation and technology, Adam firmly believes that organisations will still need recruiters, however, one of the biggest challenges to be overcome, is equipping teams with the tools and resources needed to do the job well, at pace, and at scale. Having listened to hundreds of organisations and learning from what-s happening in other business functions such as sales and marketing, Adam and his co-founder, Mike Hughes, created Poetry HR - a workspace for recruiters that contains everything they need to successfully execute in their organisation. Finally, Adams offers advice to TA leaders about how to build and optimise their technology stack to deliver on their talent strategy. Hint: the answer doesn't lie in changing your ATS!

To find out more visit:https://www.poetryhr.com/https://www.youtube.com/@RecruiterEnablement

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