Revving Up Talent Acquisition: From family car to F1 racer, with Adrian Thomas

September 13, 2023

In this episode of the Talent Sandbox podcast we extremely fortunate to be joined by our newly appointed Strategic Advisor, Adrian Thomas. Adrian is a highly experienced resourcing professional having led talent acquisition functions for large global organisations such as GlaxoSmithKline, Royal Bank of Scotland, Network Rail and more recently UK Senior Civil Service. A passionate advocate for the Talent Acquisition industry, he continually champions for investment and professional standards in recruitment. In this wide-ranging discussion we delve into the challenges and opportunities within the TA realm, exploring topics like transforming TA into a promising career path, unlocking the hidden potential of tools and technology, and navigating the wide-ranging functions of TA, from administrative duties to becoming a strategic advisor. Adrian asks the compelling question: in the race for talent, will a family saloon car or an F1 racing car get you to your destination faster? We dive into the concept of transitioning from reactive and one-dimensional recruitment approaches to a three-dimensional mindset, where the TA function is seen as a valuable asset within the organisation. Gear up and get ready to transform your TA strategy!

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Marianne Gissane

Talent Acquisition
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