Unlocking Employer Branding at GXO Logistics with Sherin Varghese

November 14, 2023

In this episode, we-re joined by Sherin Varghese, Senior Director & Head of Talent Acquisition - Americas & Asia at GXO Logistics Inc. Formerly part of XPO Logistics, GXO is a world leader in providing cutting-edge logistics solutions for multi-national companies and blue-chip market leaders. A Fortune 500 company, operating in 27 countries, with 130,000 employees and revenues of over $9 billion, makes GXO the largest contract logistics company in the world.As the business seeks to streamline and optimise operations with new technology, the need for specialised skills has evolved, presenting unique talent acquisition challenges for GXO. Join Sherin as he delves into the complexities of employee branding across multiple markets and regions, with a focus on establishing an independent identity and powerful communication of the 'why' to potential talent.This episode delivers valuable insights on embedding a global employer branding strategy that respects and reflects the unique character of local markets as well as evolving skillset for talent acquisition professionals.

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Marianne Gissane

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