Unlocking Talent Acquisition Strategies with Agata Borovska

September 19, 2023

In this episode, Neil is joined by Agata Borovska, Global Talent Acquisition Manager, Digital HUB Spain, PepsiCo. Employer branding is such an important part of attracting talent, but if you are a global powerhouse brand like PepsiCo, how do you connect and engage with a diverse pool of talent? During the discussion, Agata shares valuable insight about how the organisation leverages the strength of their brand and data to attract and hire talent. Like so many other businesses, digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in the evolution and growth of PepsiCo. As part of this strategy, a new technology centre in Barcelona was created, requiring the recruitment of high numbers of data scientists, data engineers and software engineers. Building a new function from scratch required a thoughtful, proactive and data-centric approach to talent acquisition, drawing on talent market insights and a consistent candidate experience. Looking to the future, what are the top three skills required for talent acquisition professionals to keep them top of their game? For Agata, it's all about being digitally savvy, expertly managing stakeholders and communication - delivering the right message to all the people we interact with. This episode provides unique perspectives from a global brand about how to successfully navigate a competitive and dynamic market.

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Marianne Gissane

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