Unlocking the Value of Technology in Talent Acquisition with Kirstie Kelly

March 5, 2024

In this podcast episode, we are joined by Kirstie Kelly, founder, investor and renowned expert in HR technology. Neil and Kirstie take a critical look at the role of technology in talent acquisition, strategies for successful adoption and how to make the right decisions given the overwhelming choices in the market. Kirstie provides valuable guidance for TA leaders, emphasising the importance of diagnosing the specific problems you are seeking to address, the desired outcomes and appetite for change in the organisation in relation to TA technology.

Key topics include understanding the challenge, defining success measures, involving vendors in building a strong business case, and measuring success based on the language and goals of the organisation, rather than solely on cost savings. Kirstie and Neil also talk about the need for consistency and standards in TA, accelerated particularly by global talent mobility. Delivering fair, ethical and consistent ways of operating is not only good practice, it future-proofs your business.Furthermore, Kirstie highlights the importance of developing essential skills such as data interpretation, problem-solving, and resilience, to stay ahead in the rapidly changing TA landscape.


  • TA leaders should focus on their specific problems and desired outcomes before identifying a technology solution.
  • Be open to involving vendors when building a business case for technology adoption.
  • Articulate the ongoing value to the business - not just year one.
  • Success in TA should be measured based on the language and goals of the organisation, not the language of TA.
  • Consistency and standards play a vial role in supporting global talent mobility.
  • Future-proof skills in TA include data interpretation, problem-solving and resilience.

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