Value Creation in Talent Acquisition with Hugh Fordham

February 20, 2024

In this episode, Neil interviews Hugh Fordham, CEO of Hollaroo - the talent community platform for pipelining, onboarding and internal mobility - about value creation in talent acquisition. Together they explore how organisations should define -value- for their talent function and the opportunities for delivering and retaining value through people. They discuss the importance of managing networks of talent and connections, strategies for sustainable technology investments, and advice for different types of organisations. Hugh emphasises the need to focus on the value delivered by talent acquisition and the importance of data and analytical skills in articulating that value. The episode concludes with a discussion on keeping knowledge up to date in the complex talent landscape.


  • Organisations should define value for their talent function by understanding their fundamental objectives and how talent contributes to achieving that goal.
  • Common opportunities within organisations include retaining value by building long-term relationships with internal talent, understanding the goals and aspirations of its employees.
  • Managing talent networks and connections, both internally and externally, is crucial for talent acquisition and talent management.
  • When making technology investments, organisations should start with the problem they are trying to solve and focus on delivering value to the organisation, rather than the technology solution.
  • The advice for different types of organisations, such as SMEs and larger PLCs, may vary in terms of timelines and strategic thinking.
  • To keep knowledge up to date, it is beneficial to look outside of the specialist domain and explore concepts from other fields, such as economics.
  • Developing data and analytical skills is essential for talent acquisition professionals to understand and articulate the value they deliver to the organisation.

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