Solutions to meet each of our customers' unique needs, we leverage extensive industry expertise and a deep understanding of market dynamics to support your strategy development and execution.


Utilising our extensive knowledge-base and proprietary learning platform, we guide you through an AGILE discovery and build process to create an outcome-focused talent roadmap. Our process has been developed through many years of operating within lean, fast-paced organisations. We focus on the needs of your business and spend just the right amount of time listening, understanding and recommending in order to optimise efforts and costs.

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Elevating the standard of executive hiring, we meticulously assess candidates ensuring a perfect fit for your organisation's unique culture and objectives.

Through comprehensive evaluations spanning skill assessments, personality profiling, and cultural alignment analyses. Whether you are a Private Equity firm or a CEO of an organisation, we evaluate each candidate and provide you with unparalleled insights to make informed hiring decisions with confidence.

We allow you to unlock the potential for transformative hires that drive your success, giving you the ability to hire from talent pools your competition aren’t.

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What Our Clients Say

"I would have no hesitation to use Vector again."

"Vector worked with us to help support a critical period of growth at AGC Biologics. They hired many critical hires over an 18 month period, across our sites in the US from site based roles to C-Suite. In parallel they supported the training of our Talent Acquisition teams, which resulted in eventually greater control of our own hiring, saving us money. Neil has been our customer single point of contact, since the relationship started, and has been very easy to work with from Day 1, with a high level of professionalism and work ethic, both are really hard to find in the search business. It is clear from the work he has done building a CDMO previously himself, he leverages this knowledge well for his customers. I would have no hesitation to use Vector again."

Patricio Massera, Chief Executive Officer

AGC Biologics

"Vector have become a valuable partner"

"Vector have become a valuable partner and played a key part in our growth strategy. We worked together when we were a much smaller business, and they have grown with us, delivering a variety of talent mandates, from delivering difficult leadership searches and talent development. Vector come with an exceptional network and a deep understanding of how CDMO businesses work from within. They have been a key enabler for Bora over the years."

CEO and Chairman

Bora Pharmaceuticals

"It provides practical real-world tips and tricks"

”We found this training to be beneficial in our alignment of TA across the globe. It provides practical real-world tips and tricks, while taking an interactive and engaging approach”

Christina Tocado

AGC Biologics