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Global Biotech - Award Winning Total Workforce Management

January 29, 2021

The Organisation Biotechnology corporation with a global footprint. The company was the world-s biggest supplier of crop science, thanks to its industry leading innovations, technology and customer centricity. In 2016 they agreed to be acquired by a larger pharmaceutical and chemical corporation.

The Challenge Given the seasonal nature of agriculture the company employed thousands of temporary workers every year. However, the way in which this contingent workforce was planned, hired and integrated into the organisation was not effective.

The Solution After presenting to leadership the opportunity to improve productivity of contingent workforce management system, implementation was quickly approved. A contingent workforce planning, and approval process was designed, taking into consideration the dynamically changing temporary and seasonal employment. The implemented analytics and informatic system allowed to manage data together with permanent employment information, where leadership could make sound decisions based on accurate headcount and cost information. The project resulted in a 10% reduction of the annual contingent workforce spend and had a significant positive impact on workforce planning overall.

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Neil Kelly

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