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Innovation Driven Technology Provider - Building Talent Acquisition After Spin-Off

January 30, 2021

The Organisation Innovation company, world-wide leader in their sector. Their technologies and science have been used by nearly every major global auto maker. There are approximately 100 million vehicles with their products. Their average launch is 100 new applications annually spanning, natural gas, electric and fuel cell engines.

The Challenge After spin-off, a new talent acquisition strategy and plan was needed to rapidly fill the open positions to fulfil the business growth targets of the new stand-alone company. Effective search and selection were required to find and attract diverse talent for hundreds of vacancies.

The Solution Talent Acquisition Strategy was built on a new design of more effective end-to-end recruitment process. Talent Acquisition systems were fully integrated with other HR databases, whilst deploying highly qualified customer centric recruitment professionals inhouse and in partnerships. The spin-off environment made the changes happen on time challenging, but at the end even a new candidate assessment tool, onboarding and analytics reporting were also implemented. In the first year more than 800 new employees were recruited world-wide while diversity hiring significantly improved within the company.

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Neil Kelly

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