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Leader in environmental sustainability - Blending people, robotics and technology

January 29, 2021

The Organisation Global leader in its field with over 100 years of experience, known for constantly delivering innovation to its customers. They are a world leader in customer centricity, operational excellence and producing technologies that have helped to make the world a cleaner place.

The Challenge As a result of a divesture, they required to set up new talent processes for the new co business. Specifically, the establishment of new talent acquisition processes, resources and HR technology to create the required efficiencies.

The Solution Due to the nature of the divesture, the company was able to take a radical view on how talent acquisition could be managed in the new co business. Following the road map design work, the organisation quickly went into execution mode. The workforce plans were developed in an integrated way around a common set of skills, resulting in modern talent acquisition function with dedicated resources and an external sourcing model via a recruitment process outsourcing solution (RPO), which was complemented by the latest HR stack. The build principles were based around scalability. In the first year $0.5M saving was achieved based on the historical run rate, which funded the set up and purchase of technologies.

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Neil Kelly

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